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December 23, 2000 - December 31, 2000

Visioneer 6200 USB Scanner

posted: December 31, 2000 @ 9:09 EST by: ryan

Maxx Overclocking has created a review on the somewhat well-known Visioneer 6200 USB Scanner. Here's a clip:

"It's a USB scanner...how could installation be anything but easy? Well, it was easy. All you gotta do is plug the USB cable into your computer, plug the other end into the scanner, and plug in the power supply. The software is fairly easy to install as well. Pop in the CD, install the software, install MGI PhotoSuite II (Included and Optional), and setup the drivers. If you have Windows 98, it finds the scanner and drivers on it's own. An all around easy setup, anyone could install this scanner...yes, anyone."

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New MSI Motherboards

posted: December 31, 2000 @ 9:08 EST by: ryan

In the last few hours of the 20th Century the boys at PCstats have an assembled a jumbo article on MSI's First Quarter motherboards to delight and amaze you. Some of the new mobo's include the "Dash-S" series which are MSI's best outfitted with onboard Adaptec controllers for 160M Ultra SCSI: 694D Master-S, 815E Master-S, K7T Master-SI, K7 Master-S. Other boards to enter the spotlight include: 6340KM Pro, PM133M Pro, MS-6332, MS-6364 and for fun we've thrown in a few shots of the K7T Master, K7T Turbo, K7 Master, 850 Pro, 8125EP Pro, 815E Pro, Pro266 Master and Pro266 Plus (a DDR only mobo flavor). Specs and photos for all, so dig in ;-)

MSI's Q1:2001 Motherboard Line-up

"MSI has a solid line up of motherboards for the first quarter of 2001. While boards like the MS-6332, MS-6364, and PM133M Pro have not yet been officially announced boards like the 694D Master-S, K7 Master-S, 815E Master-S and K7T Master-SI are the newest variations on current standards. Don't let that fool you, the dash-S boards have one really cool feature in common, on board Adaptec 160M ultra SCSI!"

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ABIT Siluro GF2 GTS 64MB

posted: December 30, 2000 @ 9:31 EST by: ryan

TweakTown has posted a review of the ABIT Siluro GeForce2 GTS with 64MB of DDR ram utilising a core clock speed of 200MHz and memory clock of 333MHz DDR, with support for AGP4x with Fast Writes this graphics card fly's and is highly overclockable with an Orb style active stock HSF which makes for a pleasant overclocking experience:

"The Siluro GF2 GTS incorporates the award winning nVidia GeForce 2 GTS GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). As many of you know the nVidia GeForce range of graphics chipset was the first to introduce Texture and Lighting (T&L) onto the actual chipset meaning that the CPU didn't have to do any of the T&L work, which in turn gave the CPU more power to perform other functions. This comes in handy for low end CPU's such and Intel Celeron and AMD Duron. The GPU itself on the Siluro runs at 200Mhz. This is the standard speed for the GF2 GTS chipset, ABIT have not attempted to overclock the chipset, they have left that up to us, the overclocking community."

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Mid Budget Buyer's Guide

posted: December 30, 2000 @ 11:19 EST by: ryan

HardwareOC takes on selecting key components within a $1600 budget to show you what kind of total system solution you can expect when building from the ground up. Here's a quote:

"I felt that $1600 is a very reasonable budget for a Mid-Budget System. It beats the sub-1000 computers by quite a bit but does not take on the systems past $2000. It can be used as a workstation or a gaming rig, although a gamer might want to dish out an extra 100 bucks for a better video card. This is a total systems solution. Including every component you would need ( monitor and even keyboard / mice ). I tried to leave some money left over for shipping and handling but I would recommend some components purchased locally, specifically the monitor ( shipping is just ridiculous ) keyboard, and mouse, maybe even the NIC"

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Duron vs. Celeron FIGHT!!

posted: December 30, 2000 @ 11:18 EST by: ryan

ExtremeOverclocking has written a good review comparing the Duron to the Celeron. Not only is a Duron cheaper, but they overclock better, and still beat out the Celeron Mhz for Mhz.

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Midland 8200 Speaker Review

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:52 EST by: ryan

Midland 8200 get the once over at Hexus.net. Check it out:

"The top of the range model, the 8200s are a full home surround sound system. It boasts 200Ws of raw power. It is an 8 piece Dolby 5.1 DTS System. The 6.5" sub built acts as the main part of this system it takes 100Ws of all the power, then the other 100Ws is split between the other 5 speakers. One for the front, one for the left, right, left back, right back."

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Soundworks DTT2200

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:51 EST by: ryan

Tech-GODS has posted a review of the Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 5.1 speakers for those of you out there that "qualify." Anyways, here's a snip:

"The DTT2200 line of speakers is a 5.1 setup, but unlike most of the 5.1 systems that you would normally see, the 2200s are not digital. With the upmixing capabilities of Creative's SBLive! 5.1 pack, these speakers are supposed to give you a discrete, phantom center channel. If you try and plug the speakers in 5.1 mode into an older model of Live!, like the Live! non-5.1 cards, then the center channel will produce crisp clear static for you. From jump, it was sort of an annoying issue of one company keeping compatibility within it's own company only. I will say that these speakers will work fine just running as a 4.1 setup and a non-Creative 5.1 card, but hell, you paid for the 6th speaker, right?"

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Burn in your T-bird

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:50 EST by: ryan

AcidHardware have written an article explaining how to "burn-in" your AMD Thunderbird processor. They were able to get temps down by a fairly large amount, you will have to read the article to see exactly how much:

"Overclocking the Thunderbird has become a daily ritual for most overclocking enthusiasts out there. When you first get an AMD Thunderbird, right out of the box, its ready for at least 100 more megahertz. This is pretty much a nice overclock in general.. but for diehard overclcockers, we know that it can do more then meets the BIOS. So you strive for 100 more MHz, but to no go.. why? Because you just got it, idiot!"

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December 2000 Buyer's Guide

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:16 EST by: ryan

With Christmas officially past, what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself to a shiny new PC? To close off the year 2000, Hardware Central got the tips and tricks on what's hot, and how to build a killer system to suit your exact needs for a reasonable price.

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1GHz T-bird Review

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:15 EST by: ryan

PCStats have posted up a review of the AMD 1000Mhz (1Ghz) T-Bird CPU:

"The benchmark results all seem to say the same thing, this CPU is very fast! At 1.0GHz multi-tasking is a breeze, and mundane and strenuous CPU chores all flow quite nicely. DVD's are smooth and glitch free, even if I am running Quake III in the background to test system stability... However, just because it's a 1Ghz processor, it doesn't mean that it's safe from my overclocking! Overclocking a CPU is pretty much the only interesting part of CPU reviews these days. However, overclocking a "high-end" CPU tends to disappoint overclockers that are accustomed to getting a 20% or better increase in MHz-prowess."

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Leadtek GeForce 2 Review

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:14 EST by: ryan

Hot Hardware has taken a look at a new GeForce 2 GTS from Leadtek. This card uses "faster" 5.5NS RAM, ships with some unique hardware monitoring capabilities and has one sweet cooling system...check this card out!

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WingMan RumblePad Review

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:13 EST by: ryan

Planet GeForce has just finished up a review of Logitech's WingMan RumblePad force-feedback controller.

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PC170 SDRAM Review

posted: December 29, 2000 @ 8:12 EST by: ryan

This is the fastest System RAM around that I have seen. Iamnotageek has a review of this. This stuff is actually testest up to 180MHz, but you will probably have trouble finding a system that can run it at its full potential.

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Cooler Master CB5-5G12

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:30 EST by: ryan

Case Modders Australia has reviewed the Cooler Master CB5-5G12 copper cooler. Here's a taste:

"Copper is a very good conductor of heat as you all know, but has a terrible habbit of oxidising and turning a greeny colour when being handled. Copper is also heavier than aluminium and this little cooler is quite heavy for its size. I was a little dubious about the way the heatsink is made. It's a small cooler roughly the same width and length of your CPU and it doesn't sit very high either, so most people won't have any trouble fitting it."

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MSI KT133 Mobos

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:30 EST by: ryan

[H]ard|OCP showed you the first MSI KT133 mainboard some time ago. At that time the board SHINED with one exception. MSI has since released a couple revisions to their premier Socket A board but it still seems as if some things have been looked over.

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Abit's Mobos for 2001

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:28 EST by: ryan

In the wee hours of the morning, in the last few days of 2000, the boys at PCstats have assembled a bunch of info on the newest motherboards Abit has - or will be offering. Specs and photos of no less than eight spiffy new motherboards including; VP6, VH6-II, SA6PR, KG-20, SV6VR-20, SA6R-1394, and the KT7A-RAID. Here's a quote:

"New motherboards from Abit? That's right, and it looks like a whole lot are on the way - we're talking the SA6R-1394, SA6PR, SV6, KG-20, VH6-II, VR-20, VP6, and the KT7A-RAID. Our thanks goes out to Abits' own, Eric Boeing, for this guided sneak peak of Abit's newest motherboards during the last day of COMDEX 2000. We have 8 new boards laid out for you over the next eight pages. Lots of specs and even a picture or two to tantalize. Keep an eye out for the VP6 and the SA6PR. Both motherboards are packed to the gills with some really cool features."

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Wind Tunnel Plus Review

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:27 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has reviewed the Wind Tunnel Plus. This is a "Do It Yourself" overclocker's case from the Cooler Guys. This case comes with two high speed 92mm fans, one high speed 80mm fans and pre-drilled blow holes in a nice do it yourself kit. If you have always wanted to make an overclocker's case but lack the tools to do so, then this kit maybe just what you're looking for.

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D-Link DSS-16+ Review

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:23 EST by: ryan

Hardware-Unlimited, part of the 3D-Unlimited Network, has posted a review of the D-Link DSS-16+ Desktop switch.

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10 New Case Mods

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:20 EST by: ryan

TweakTown has added 10 new Kick A$$ Case Mods to their Case Mod Gallery, which now totals 60 - That is only 500 or so behind Virtual Hideout's great gallery. The 10 new case mods include stick figures, stuffed toys, dodgey fan jobs with sticky tape, and laser cutting.

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Overclocking the GHz

posted: December 28, 2000 @ 8:19 EST by: ryan

PCRoddin have just polished up the Overclocking the Ghz's review with some insight on Intel and AMD overclocking past the 1Ghz mark, hence the name. Quote:

"So you got yourself a 1Ghz machine, are you happy with it? Does the prospect of having 1.1 or 1.2 Ghz sound good? Many of you are never happy with the speed you have. You buy a slower CPU for the sole reason of overclocking. Why not? It's cheaper and a lot more fun to hit that 1000+Mhz from a low costing 700Mhz CPU. There are limits though, the higher speed CPU that you start off with, the tighter your limits are. The plan is to show some of these limits for those with a Ghz machine on your overclocking aspirations."

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Asus Roadmap

posted: December 27, 2000 @ 8:39 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted new products roadmap from ASUS for the coming January. This info includes some interesting details concerning the launch of KT133A and AMD-760 based mainboards as well as some info on the changes in ASUS graphics family.

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Leadtek GeForce2 MX

posted: December 27, 2000 @ 8:38 EST by: ryan

Today Savagezone reviews a GeForce 2 MX offering from Leadtek. Here is a snip:

"The value PC, fast yet inexpensive. Many people including gamers have decided to take this route, frankly, it doesn't surprise me. These days a Duron based system with a GeForce MX can cost well under $1000."

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Gigabyte GA-6OXE Review

posted: December 27, 2000 @ 9:34 EST by: ryan

Hardware Central has posted up a Gigabyte GA-6OXE motherboard review:

"With the 815EP chipset, Intel has finally produced a chipset truly capable of replacing the BX, not only in terms of performance, but in terms of cost. Gigabyte is one of the first to market an 815EP solution; the GA-6OXE motherboard. How does it stack up?"

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Game Length Important?

posted: December 27, 2000 @ 9:33 EST by: ryan

Well, you know what we mean. But what about in games? Is length important to a game? Do you feel cheated if you've played a great game that was shorter than most? It seems that more and more titles these days are shorter than they're predecesors, even when they're big on story and plot. Grey Loki and Hellchick of 3dactionplanet square off on the issue.

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Water Cooling Project P2

posted: December 27, 2000 @ 9:31 EST by: ryan

AthlonOC has posted up part 2 of their Water Cooling project.

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posted: December 26, 2000 @ 9:00 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted ATI RADEON 32MB SDR Review. Well, it looks as if ATI decided to compete with NVIDIA in the sub-$150 graphics cards market and introduced a new product. In fact, it is the RADEON based graphics card equipped with SDR memory, that's why it falls right into sub-$150 price group. This card is ATI RADEON 32MB SDR and due to HyperZ brand technology it performs not bad at all.

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Hardware Price List

posted: December 26, 2000 @ 8:40 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has updated their Hardware Price Index for Tuesday, Dec. 26th. Prices on AMD processors continue to go down. You can now get a Thunderbird 1,200Mhz just $299.95! Also, the price of the Creative Annihilator went from $179.95 to just $119.00!

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AMD Athlon 1.2GHz

posted: December 26, 2000 @ 8:39 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted a review of the AMD Athlon 1.2GHz with 266MHz FSB. This review focuses on AMD's newest CPU performance compared to that of Athlon CPUs with 200MHz FSB. Besides, they also discuss the performance gain provided by the new DDR memory: PC1600 and PC2100, and figure out the competitiveness of AMD Athlon + DDR SDRAM trying to answer the question: can such a system beat Pentium 4?

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Oni Demo Review

posted: December 25, 2000 @ 12:39 EST by: ryan

Heh, this is just about the only news today. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

3DActionPlanet has popped up a review of the recently released demo of Oni, which in my opionon was good, but the levels were very boring and bland.

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Happy Holidays!!!

posted: December 24, 2000 @ 8:38 EST by: ryan

Well, I thought I'd say something to all of our faithful readers out there, it's been a great year - we love you guys.

Happy Holidays!!!

From all of us here at Speedy 3D!!!!!

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posted: December 24, 2000 @ 8:05 EST by: ryan

Adrian's Rojak Pot has just posted a definitive review of the 12X ASUS E162 DVD-ROM drive. Here's a snip from that 13-page mega-review:

"The reason I'm mentioning this is because the E612 is RPC II. :( You are only allowed to change the drive's region settings 5 times before it becomes permanently locked. Installing the drive in another computer will not remove the region-locked setting. However, the manufacturer also has 5 times to change the region setting and that all amounts to 10 times. Once the count is up, your drive will be hardware-locked and that's permanent."

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Holiday Poem - From Us Geeks

posted: December 24, 2000 @ 8:04 EST by: ryan

It is December 24th, and the staff of 3DActionPlanet would like to extend a hearty "Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays" t oto all of our fellow gamers out there! And, to keep in the Christmas spirit, our very own Hellchick presents the classic poem "The Night Before Christmas" .. with a 3DAction Planet twist, of course!

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Enermax Whisper 330W

posted: December 24, 2000 @ 8:01 EST by: ryan

A power supply unit with gold-coated terminals, two wisper quiet fans, gold colored fan grills, and the ability to keep your high perfomance rig juiced up. SavageZone has posted up a review of the Enermax Whisper 330W (I have this PSU as well, and it kicks ass):

".these days your computer eats up a lot of Wattage! Your CD-Rom operates at 5v, your aftermarket fans most of them at 12v, your ram 3.3v. Your powersupply needs to be able to adapt and give all these different voltages, and supply enough pure wattage or amps to power them all."

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Top 20 Things Not To Get

posted: December 24, 2000 @ 8:00 EST by: ryan

PCMonkey has posted up some things you DON'T want to find on Christmas morning. Some examples:

"RAMBUS Lawyers- After having removed your Santa lawn ornament for use of the color red, which they say they own, the RAMBUS lawyers detained baby Jesus for questioning.

Bitboys- After stealing your Dad's new razor, all of your loot, and anything the RAMBUS lawyers didn't sue you out of, they promise that they will return with all of these items running at "Well above current industry standard speeds," they never returned. Oh wait, that was 1989.

An e-Machine- Quite possibly the only PCs that are ranked in speed one step below "toaster" and one notch above "rock," no one wants one of these under their tree this year. "Don't worry!" says your family about your new e-Machine; we signed you up for AOL too!

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Win Some Stuff - Yay!

posted: December 23, 2000 @ 8:15 EST by: ryan

Prizematch.net is celebrating a fragful Christmas as the world´s first computer game event gateway. The prizematch list contain great gaming events from all over the world. Do you want that extra Christmas present?

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