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January 7, 2001 - January 12, 2001

Raven Interview

posted: January 12, 2001 @ 7:10 EST by: ryan

Over at SoF center there is a short interview with Ben, one of their recently hired programmers.

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Plexwriter 12/10/32A Review

posted: January 12, 2001 @ 7:08 EST by: ryan

PC Roddin has put up their review of the Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A. Here's a bit from the review:

"I've been using my Sony CDRW now for over two years and have been pretty content with it's 4X write and 2X re-write speeds. Content usually relies on the "what you don't know won't hurt you" rule. What I mean by this is that most people are happy with their 300Mhz computer until they use the neighbor's 1Ghz machine. This same scenario governs in the case of the Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32 CDRW that I've been toying with for about the past two months. So coming from my slow burner to this rocket paced CDRW should be like comparing a bike to a car."

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Another Apollo Pro266 Review

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 4:09 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted a review of the VIA Apollo Pro266 chipset. The article is called "Pentium III with DDR SDRAM: VIA Apollo Pro266 Chipset".

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DS9: The Fallen Tweak Guide

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 4:08 EST by: ryan

Over at 3D Spotlight they've posted yet another tweak guide, this time they've got one up for Deep Space 9 - The Fallen. Here's a snip from the 13 page guide (Covering all the troubleshooting, graphics, audio & other genereal tips/tweaks):

"MinDesiredFrameRate. Set this to equal to whatever you feel is the minimum for a playable game. 30 should be the ideal minimum frame rate for most users. This specifies the frame rate threshold below which DS9 - The Fallen will start dropping detail - reducing model detail & not drawing optional effects. If this is set higher than your normal frame rate, then you will never see reduced graphics almost always, but get the best possible performance. The ideal setting for this is about 10 frames below your average frame rate."

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VIA Apollo Pro266 Review

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 4:07 EST by: ryan

ViaHardware has something special for you today... a review of a final revision of VIA's Apollo Pro266. Shuttle's AV30 has the honor of being the first in a long line of Pro266 reviews at VIAHardware. Does the chipset live up to its expectations?

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CES 2000 Wrap Up

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 6:01 EST by: ryan

The 2001 Consumer Electronic Show is over and The Tech Zone has posted their wrap-up. More than 122,000 people from 120 countries came to Las Vegas this week to see the cutting edge in digital technology. For those who didn't make it to the big show, The Tech Zone has put together a picture tour of some of the cool toys they found while cruising the show floor.

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Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 MX

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 6:00 EST by: ryan

NeoSeeker just posted their review of the Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 MX! Here's a little taster:

"Normally people associate low cost with low quality. So is the Inno 3D Tornado MX a budget priced video card at the expense of performance and quality? Well you can bet we are going to put the Inno3D Tornado MX to the test and find out."

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Coolermaster CH5-5K12 Rv.

posted: January 11, 2001 @ 5:59 EST by: ryan

Frosty Tech has popped up a review of the Coolermaster CH5-5K12 Heatpipe Heatsink:

"But can all this high-tech cooling gear and high-conductivity material add up to one devilishly frosty heatsink? To find out we put the CH5-5K12 through a few rounds on our FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test platform. We'll look at those results in just a second after we see what makes this heatsink tick!"

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Phillips Vesta Pro Scan Rv.

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 9:23 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot just slapped up their review on Philips' new Vesta Pro Scan at GD. This new product is quoted at being the "“Swiss Army Knife” of optical input" from their Tech Editor, Marc Rigney.

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Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT3500

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 9:22 EST by: ryan

This time, HardwareZone has completed a new review of the Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT3500. Here's a quote from the review:

"The Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Digital speaker system is only good for its design and promising specifications. Although there is principally nothing wrong with the operation of the speaker system, it just did not sound as good as it's supposed to be. Even my older Cambridge Soundworks' FPS2000 sounded a lot better in just normal music playback. The DTT3500 is only good for its Digital DIN interface with the Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 series and its beautifully designed Dolby Digital decoding unit. You can still get decent "theatre" quality playback with Dolby Digital movies, but that is as far as I will go with the DTT3500."

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Dt 6.50+ WIN9x Overclocking

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 3:48 EST by: ryan

TweakTown have posted an article which explains how to (re)enable overclocking options in Detonator3 6.50 (and above) drivers under Windows 9x.

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Win Some Prizes!!!

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 3:47 EST by: ryan

Tweaker's Asylum is having a prize giveaway! Just check it out man :)

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Neon Light Kit Comparison

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 3:46 EST by: ryan

Diceman from Virtual Hideout has just posted a little comparison article on two light kits from two very popular shops. If you're thinking about picking up a neon kit, or even just buying the neon by itself, check out this article first. It might just be easier for you to buy it as a kit. Here's a snip:

"Here's a quick visual experience as to some of the differences in the neon kits out there today. I've compared two kits particularly, from www.caseetc.com and from www.pcmods.com . Both kits are high quality units, included everything needed to get it up and running, and also from two great sites that provide great customer service. So , what's the difference? Well, there not exactly the same, there's a couple things to know before you buy. Come take a look-see and i'll show ya what each kit looks like side-by-side."

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Warrior Kings Preview

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 3:43 EST by: ryan

Fresh today on EuroGamer is a preview of "Warrior Kings", the 3D fantasy RTS from Sierra and British developer Black Cactus. The preview is based on both the latest information about the game from Sierra, and a first-hand demonstration at the ECTS trade show a few months back.

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Mushkin REV2 PC133 Review

posted: January 10, 2001 @ 3:42 EST by: ryan

Today at 3D Spotlight they've posted their review of Mushkins - 128MB High Performance REV2 PC133 RAM module. Is it still worth buying with the release of the REV3 modules, well.... Here's a snip:

"At a 133Mhz memory bus speed the memory bandwidth performance isn’t quiteas significant between CAS 2 & 3 (Only about 15% or so greater at CAS 2). It’s interesting to note that the RAM running at 100Mhz @ CAS 2 had greater memory bandwidth that running the module at 133Mhz @ CAS 3."

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AMI HyperDisk100 IDE RAID

posted: January 9, 2001 @ 5:58 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted AMI HyperDisk100 IDE RAID Controller Review. This is one of the today's best IDE RAID controllers, though it is not that widely spread yet.

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MSI K7T Pro2 Review

posted: January 9, 2001 @ 5:57 EST by: ryan

T-Break has finally finished the first review of the New Year and it is none other than MSI's Socket A KT133 chipset based K7T Pro2. Here's a bit from the review:

"one interesting addition to the DLEDs is the “talking motherboard” feature that speaks out the status of the motherboard including any errors during boot-up. Since the board was shipped to us from Taiwan, I’m guessing that the board is speaking Taiwanese/Chinese. It was cool the first couple of times but the problem is that you cannot turn this feature off and it’s get rather annoying to hear it every time you start your machine."

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Samsung 750s 17" Monitor Rv.

posted: January 9, 2001 @ 5:44 EST by: ryan

"The 17" monitor is the workhorse of the display industry. Despite the recent advancements in flat screen technology, 19" monitors becoming more affordable, and the like, the dollar reins supreme with the 17". And why not? Some 17" monitors can be had for as little as $200! Image quality may be a little suspect, but still, it's better then any 15" screen! Here's a quote from the PCstats review:

"Of course everyone would rather have a 19" monitor, but there's nothing wrong, nothing embarrassing, nothing to be ashamed of, with owning a 17" screen. They are extremely cost effective and more than adequate for general surfing, coding, and fraggaing. What more do you really need? With resolutions sitting at 1024x768 there's plenty of pixel power to go along with most average performance video cards."

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Abit VP6 Review

posted: January 9, 2001 @ 5:43 EST by: ryan

iamnotageek has posted up their review of the Abit VP6 dual socket pIII mainboard.

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Lian-Li Case Review

posted: January 9, 2001 @ 5:41 EST by: ryan

pcRoddin.com has posted up a review of the Lian-Li all aluminium case:

"It's been awhile back since we first took a look at a Lian-Li case. Our first experience was with the aluminum PC-10 beige colored that was a fantastic case with great cooling. This on top of being very light made it a definite choice for the hard core overclocker, but it carried a hefty price tag for the features. Today we're back with a similar case, the PC-60, and this time it has the right to be acclaimed the "all aluminum" case."

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ATI Radeon Roundup

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 4:36 EST by: ryan

PC Monkey takes a look at the 32 and 64meg retail versions of the ATI Radeon and puts them head to head.

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Some Jazz Speaker Stuff

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 4:35 EST by: ryan

Technoyard their latest review posted: Jazz Speakers DE-006 & DE-005 Dolby Digital Decoders. Quote:

"Jazz Hipster Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of multimedia speakers recently announced the release of their newest audio products, the DE-005 and DE-006 5.1 Digital Audio Decoders. Adding real Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel audio output to PC-DVD systems, DVD players and other similar devices, they are a must have if you're any kind of a audio buff."

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Citizen Kabuto Tweak Guide

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 4:30 EST by: ryan

3D Spot Light just posted up a Giants: Citizen Kabuto Tweak guide.

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Guide to Painting Your Case

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 6:08 EST by: ryan

HardOCP has posted up a guide to painting your case, we have also done a similar guide a while back.

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MSI K7T PRO Review

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 6:06 EST by: ryan

Tweakers Asylum have a review up on the MSI K7T PRO Socket A Motherboard. Intro:

"The MSI k7T PRO was MSI's first offering for the VIA KT133 chipset and also one of the very first to hit the market. The MSI k7T PRO doesn't offer some of the features that you can get from MSI's newest KT133 motherboards, but it has just about everything the "normal" computer user would need.""

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Silver Tool Heatsink

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

The Silver Tool Heatsink Revisited Review is up at Overclocker Cafe.

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Duron 850MHz Review

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot has posted their review of AMD's just announced Duron 850.

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Interact's FX gamepad Review

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 5:59 EST by: ryan

Dreddnews has just finished their review of Interact's Hammerhead FX gamepad featuring dual analog joysticks and rumble feedback. Snip:

"All hardcore gamers are constantly looking for that extra device to give them an "edge" or to make their gaming experience more realistic and fun. Any gamepad may offer this advantage by making it easier to play a game or by making it "feel" real. A gamepad that really breaks out in front of the pack offering easier and more realistic gameplay is the Hammerhead FX by Interact. This control has many features including 2 analog joysticks, and rumble feedback. You can also get it in 2 different colors, either black or a special edition transparent blue(both are shown above). I got the way cool blue version :) It also has a really great shape and fits very comfortably in many different sizes of hands."

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Win a PC Air Circulator

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 5:58 EST by: ryan

LITTLEWHITEDOG.COM has started a new contest today. They are giving away the In & Out PC Air Circulator (from Vantec) which was reviewed by LWD, back in November. They are also going to throw in 'boxed' copies of 3dMark2000 and Video2000, just to sweeten the deal a bit.

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Intel PRO/Wireless Networking

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 5:56 EST by: ryan

Hardware-Unlimited, part of the 3D-Unlimited Network, has posted a review of the Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 Networking. Intel brings one of the first wireless networking devices to the market at a consumer-level.

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Crucial PC1600 RAM

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 1:34 EST by: darkseed

Steve, of Legion Hardware, has put up some specs and photos of Crucials PC1600 DDR RAM. Here you go.

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Microsoft Sidewinder Pro Review

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 1:32 EST by: darkseed

The boys over at Hardware Avenue have reviewed the Microsoft Sidewinder Pro gamepad. Read it here.

Introducing the Sidewinder Gamepad Pro from Microsoft. As the name suggests, it is apart of the infamous 'Sidewinder' family, which can be described as the industry standard setting family of gaming pads/joy sticks. Released late 1999, this controller isnt exactly 'new', and finding this game pad on the market is getting harder and harder. What would make this controller a better or worse buy over a Gravis, Thrustmaster or Logitech gamepad? read on.

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eXpanium MP3/CD Player Rv.

posted: January 8, 2001 @ 1:29 EST by: darkseed

3DAccelerated.com has reviewed the Philips eXpanium 103 MP3/CD player. They seemed to love this player, and it costs $199, less than or the same as most good MP3 players out there. Here's a clip.

Today, a year after the great MP3 popularization began, 3d Accelerated.com takes a look at Philips eXpanium MP3/CD Player. Philips has come out with a seemingly flawless product, allowing users to store up to 200 MP3 audio files on one CD. We saw flocks of people signing up to beta test this product and knew the implications of its MP3/CD capabilities. Despite the hype, 3d Accelerated.com had to find out how well the Philips eXpanium actually performed...after all, retailing for less than most MP3 players, doesn't it sound too good to be true?

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Epson Stylus Color 880 Review

posted: January 7, 2001 @ 9:12 EST by: ryan

HardwareZone has posted a new review on the Epson Stylus Color 880 Inkjet Printer. Here's a little taster:

"As you can see from the test results, the Stylus Color 880 is no slouch in terms of speed, especially for economy and standard mode printing. Where it tends to drag a bit is at the very high end--1440 dpi and 2880 dpi. But this is expected given the amount of data transferred from the source to the printed pages. Our only dislike is the skimpy four sheets of Epson Photo Paper bundled with the unit and the slight mechanical roller traces (common to most inkjet printers) left on low-resolution color print-outs."

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Baldur's Gate II Review

posted: January 7, 2001 @ 4:57 EST by: ryan

Luxidion.com have posted up a review of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Here's a little taster:

"There are 1 or 2 instance where my life has been saved by having an elf female as my leader and thus my opponent being a chauvinist not wanting to fight a girl as compared to having a warrior as the leader but other than that, I haven't seen much impact."

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