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March 10, 2001 - March 17, 2001

X-Micro Hulk 5 Review

posted: March 17, 2001 @ 7:49 EST by: ryan

TweakTown has taken a look at the X-Micro Hulk 5 32mb AGP video card which is based on the nVidia GeForce2 MX chipset with many useful features including TwinView and Digital Vibrance Control. They were able to overclock the video card pretty nicely with the stock cooling, so much so that it wasn't all that slower than the nVidia GeForce2 Pro.

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KT266 First Look

posted: March 16, 2001 @ 6:06 EST by: ryan

ViaHardware has posted up their first look at the the VIA KT266 reference board. They just have some pic and stuff, nothing really great. Here's a clip:

"The KT266 supports both SDR SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM (as well as VCM), so the VIA reference board has both 168 pin SDR DIMM slots, as well as 184 pin DDR DIMM slots. They are arranged in a 2+2 configuration, similar to Shuttle's AV32. The KT266 supports up to 4GB of RAM, but obviously you aren't going to be able to reach that amount with a board supporting two DIMM modules. However, a few manufacturers will be developing 4 DDR DIMM KT266 boards."

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Comdex West Stuff

posted: March 16, 2001 @ 6:05 EST by: ryan

NeoSeeker has taken a peek at Comdex Canada West 2001 held in Vancouver, BC.. at the Trade & Convention Center.

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Four Pin Molex to Three Pin

posted: March 16, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

OverclockedHardware.com has posted a guide to attaching a four pin molex connector to your three pin fan. It's useful if you don't want to fry your motherboard header with a high-wattage fan!

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ATI Radeon LE Review

posted: March 16, 2001 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted RADEON LE Graphics Card Review. They reviewed one of the most mysterious graphics cards in the today's market - ATI RADEON LE. This card is a really strong rival to NVIDIA GeForce2 MX and if you are skillful enough you will be able to make it a RADEON DDR without much trouble. This card seems to be the best choice today in terms of price-to-performance ratio.

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Polk 4.1 Speaker Review

posted: March 15, 2001 @ 6:33 EST by: ryan

Hardware Masters has posted up a review of Polk's new 4.1 speaker system, the AMR150.

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AMD Athlon + Orb Review

posted: March 15, 2001 @ 6:32 EST by: ryan

TechWatch had a chance to play around with a 1.2Gig Athlon (cooled by a Super Orb of all things) and an A7V (not the 133) and managed to get the FSB stable at 123:

"Well it was a pretty good result to achieve a stable 1475MHz from just doing a couple of simple bios changes to the front side bus speed and upping the voltage. For those hardcore out there - follow Tom's mod and get more juice out of the ASUS A7v like 1.95v and I reckon a stable 1500MHz would be there for the taking."

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Asus A7V133 Review

posted: March 15, 2001 @ 6:31 EST by: ryan

AmbushSite.Com has posted a review of the Asus A7V133 motherboard. This review is a little different, with a quick commentary on the Abit KT7 RAID.

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D-Link Wireless Networking

posted: March 15, 2001 @ 6:30 EST by: ryan

HotHardware has posted up a review of a new Wireless USB Networking kit from D-Link, the DWL-920.

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CC-290 System Cooler

posted: March 15, 2001 @ 6:29 EST by: ryan

Mikhail took a look at the CC-290 system cooler, a dual 80mm mofo that goes into your 5.25" bay. Here's a quote:

"Here are two views of the exhaust system. Of course, the grill is there to prevent you from sticking stuff in there and breaking something. Now this is the cool part. Notice how the grill is slanted. Since this cooler can be installed either side (upside down or right side up), you can redirect the airflow to better suit your needs simply by flipping the cooler upside down. Now this is really neato. For me, I don't want any air blowing near me, so I had this thing installed right side up, so it blew away from me."

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Via/S3 SuperSavage Preview

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 8:59 EST by: ryan

ViaHardware have posted their look at VIA/S3 Graphics first product as a joint venture: The SuperSavage. Supporting some suprising new features, SuperSavage hopes to capitalize on the marketshare S3 has won in the mobile sector in the past.

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How to Install Memory

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 8:57 EST by: ryan

PC911 is featuring a new article about installing memory upgrades in your PC:

"Installing more memory in your system is a very easy upgrade that you can do yourself within a few minutes. This new how-to article at PC911 explains the basics for installing SIMMs and DIMMs, shows you how to do it right, and what to watch out for."

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HL Patches

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 8:56 EST by: ryan

The new Half-Life patches have been released. Here's some links:

FilePlanet (Full D/L)
FilePlanet (Upgrade)

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Cable Rounding Guide

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

Mikhailtech has posted up method 2 of their Cable Rounding Guide. While a lot shorter than the method 1 write-up, it still points out the essentials of doing it yourself and succeeding. Here's a quote:

"Here we go, the final step of this 15 minute procedure. Just repeat what I did in the last step. Keep adding as many rubber bands as you like. I would say that one every inch or so is enough, but this is one of those things that's completely up to you, so fire away! So after all is said and done, you've got yourself some home-made rounded cables, and I bet your case temps will drop quite a bit (like in our Rounded Cables Review). As for them not looking as good as machine-made ones, well, this is for all you chaps out there (like myself) who don't want to spend excess $$. And unless you've got a window in your case, you really don't need to worry about looks anyway."

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Elsa Video In/Out Review

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 6:02 EST by: ryan

Glide Underground's latest review is up -- this one covers Elsa's Video In/Out daughterboard, suitable for use with Elsa Gladiac-series video boards. Snip:

"One of the better things most gamers like to have nowadays is a TV in/out device on their computer. Using these things, users can digitize movies, make music videos, mess around recording TV shows, and many other things. When the GeForce and GeForce 2-based cards hit the market, gamers clamored for their ability to take and output a TV signal, and were rewarded... er, sort of. NVidia left the choice of including this feature up to the companies, and most implemented a minor daughterboard available for a small fee to enable it. Elsa was no exception, and sells this little device to Gladiac owners.

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Aopen 1232a CD/RW Rv.

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 6:01 EST by: ryan

CD/RW drives are becoming extremely common on the average system. They've practically become a necessity in these days of massive and cheap hard drives. The Tech Zone takes a look at Aopen's new 1232a CD/RW drive, with it's "JUSTLINK" burnproof technology. This may be the drive you are looking for! Check out the review here.

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Quantum Fireball Plus AS

posted: March 14, 2001 @ 6:01 EST by: ryan

Iamnotageek just finished up their review of the 30 GB Quantum Fireball Plus AS:

Here's a clip
"Its very clear that both Deskstar and Fireball drives support nearly identical features, with only the average seek times showing any difference. However Quantum has additional, more innovative, features that don't increase performance but instead help to provide an overal better drive."

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Nvidia Driver Shootout

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 10:07 EST by: ryan

Overclockers Online posted a shootout between the 5.32, 6.62, 7.52 and 10.80 drivers. We tested them with Q3: Arena and MadOnion's 3D Mark 2000 to show you which driver is best suited for your needs. Snip:

"The 7.x driverset was the first to require(for the most part) DirectX. Some claimed 3DMark2000 performance enhancement, others just reinstalled their 6.x set. When the 7.17s came out, and I installed them, strange things happened to my Quake3 installation. Luckily, the 7.52 set is pretty much perfect. There is nothing to complain about here, as far as performance goes. While not offering any gain over 6.x, DirectX 8 support helps for all you Half-Life/UT players out there. I consider both games pretty much irrelevant to video card benchmarking, so there aren't any results from those games."

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3DMark2001 Out!!!

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 7:21 EST by: ryan

Two files in a row:


Maybe our files section will be updated again someday.

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CS 1.1 Out!!!!

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 7:18 EST by: ryan

This is the only game I need to play ... here's the mirrors:


Back to counterstrike...

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Asus A7V133 Review

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 6:30 EST by: ryan

Overclockers Online posted their review of the Asus A7V133, Asus KT133A based motherboard. Is this board capable of kicking the current leader, the KT7A, of its thrown? Snip:

"What you will notice immediately after you opened up the package of this A7V133, is the voltage riser card which is mounted vertically to the left of the CPU socket and behind the back panel of the board. This little card holds all of the capacitors and voltage regulators and allowed Asus engineers to place less capacitors onto the motherboard itself which creates much more space to mount a giagantic cooler onto your CPU."

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MS Gamevoice Review

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 6:29 EST by: ryan

Today HardCOREware is kicking off their brand new "Controllers" category with a very unique controller by Microsoft.

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Tribes 2 Preview

posted: March 13, 2001 @ 6:28 EST by: ryan

Tribes 2 is almost here. For fans of the original, you will see a more
refined version of Tribes. For people that have not played Tribes yet,
welcome to the world of team based First Person Shooters. 3DActionPlanet has the preview.

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Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder

posted: March 12, 2001 @ 6:05 EST by: ryan

AcidHardware have just posted their review of the Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder Card. It offers silky smooth DVD playback with great TV/Out and audio functions:

"Crave DVD playback that's as smooth as silk and delivered at break neck speeds with absolutely no slow down? Maybe you own a 64" Colour TV but the TV-Out on your video card just isn't up to scratch. In the past to get decent software DVD playback it required you to own at least a 600mhz processor and a decent graphics card. Even then, the occasional high intensity action scene would just crawl. The software decoders although vastly improved since the Hollywood Plus's initial release still produce artifacts and image abnormalities. If your processor cannot handle the DVD playback you could basically forget watching a movie with any degree of enjoyment. The abnormalities just get worse as the processor can't keep up. It sometimes even results in desynchronizing of the speech and movements. The Hollywood Plus promises to be the solution to these problems. It is a hardware solution for DVD decoding it takes the strain off your other computer components especially your CPU and gives smooth playback."

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Mushkin REV3 SDRAM

posted: March 12, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

Technoyard have just posted their latest review of Mushkin's 128MB High Performance REV3 PC133 SDRAM. Here's a qoute:

"One of the most fundamental causes for a poor overclocking experience is not having good memory in your system. Getting the best coolers in the world won't help if your system's RAM cannot sustain the heavy stress caused by overclocking. Sollution? Step into the wonderful world of Mushkin's High-Performance Rev3 SDRAM."

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D-Link DWL-120 USB

posted: March 12, 2001 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

Jeremy Allford is back at it again, this time with a review on D-Link's DWL-120 USB Wireless Ethernet adapter.

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Duron Overclocking Guide

posted: March 12, 2001 @ 6:11 EST by: ryan

X-bit lab has posted New AMD Duron Overclocking Guide. AMD Duron remains one of the most popular CPUs among overclockers due to its phenomenal potential.

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KYRO II Benchmarks

posted: March 12, 2001 @ 6:10 EST by: ryan

Gamers Depot brings you the first benchmarks on the newly released Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 based on the KYRO II chip from ST Microelectronics, as well as coverage of the launch.

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74th issue of ZZ

posted: March 11, 2001 @ 3:30 EST by: ryan

Link here.

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FastTrak RAID Controller

posted: March 11, 2001 @ 3:29 EST by: ryan

DeezTech gets down with their latest review of the Promise FastTrak 100 ATA RAID Controller. This seven page monster is a very thorough look at Promise's entry level RAID controller card.

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Arctic Silver II Review

posted: March 11, 2001 @ 3:28 EST by: ryan

Ah, another boring day. So boring in fact that I have to post a review of Arctic Silver II:

"Anyways while Ned and the boys were selling these Artic Circles under the name The Cooling Store they had also devised up a small item on the side called the Artic Silver, Silver because it had silver in it. (Note: I know that was a tough one to figure out for some of you -Ed.) Anyways before you know it Artic Silver exploded out everywhere. What? You can pay $10 for some high quality grease and get up to 4-5 degrees lower? Sweet! Soon distributors had it, gamers had it, and practically every website had a review on it. What was to happen next? Well, since then they've released the Artic Silver Epoxy to replace that mediocre 3M frag tape for heatsinks and now they've got the Artic Silver II. Let's take a look and see what's new shall we?"

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WindTunnel II Case Review

posted: March 10, 2001 @ 6:06 EST by: ryan

ProCooling has posted up a review of the WindTunnel II Case. Quote:

"All in All, I think its a great case for the right people, and for everyone else, there are better options out there. It does allow the more novice person get into a modded system with ease, and even looks pretty trick for a pre mod’d case!"

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Gore Demo Available

posted: March 10, 2001 @ 6:05 EST by: ryan

Here's a few mirrors of which you can download the demo from:


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Hired Team Demo Review

posted: March 10, 2001 @ 8:32 EST by: ryan

Those Russkies are at it again! This time (when was the first time?), they've decided to try their iron hand at a multiplayer FPS. The results aren't spectacular, but everyone has to start somewhere. 3DActionPlanet takes a look at the recently released Hired Team demo. Is it worth the download?

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S4 MidiLand 7100 Plus Rv.

posted: March 10, 2001 @ 8:31 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has posted a review of the S4 MidiLand 7100 Plus. This is more than just a computer speaker. It's a complete surround sound multimedia system with Dolby Pro Logic and Digital AC3 decoding. Read the full review here.

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