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March 25, 2001 - April 4, 2001

Copper Shim Review

posted: April 4, 2001 @ 6:00 EDT by: ryan

Iamnotageek just finished up their review of the of a copper shim, its a pretty short on page review, mostly covering why it is worth that little extra bit of money to protect your CPU.

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Max Cool Case Review

posted: April 4, 2001 @ 5:51 EDT by: ryan

The Tech Zone has posted a review of the Max Cool Case, made by TheCardCooler.com. If you have a powerhouse-workhorse system that gets hot, it deserves to be housed in the case that is designed to cool every component to the MAX! This amazing case cooling system uses six fans to move an incredible 355 (no that's not a typo) cubic feet per minute of component cooling air!

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PC150 RAM Comparison

posted: April 3, 2001 @ 8:45 EDT by: ryan

Today Extreme Overclocking has posted a comparison of the 256MB OCZ Performance Enhanced RAM and the 256MB Kingmax TingyBGA PC150 RAM. Both are nice modules, but how do they compare?

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GlobalWin WBK-38 Review

posted: April 3, 2001 @ 8:44 EDT by: ryan

The GlobalWin WBK-38 heatsink review is now up at FrostyTech. Quote:

"What better heatsink to top off the newly release 900Mhz Duron than the GlobalWin WBK-38? With the WBK-38, GlobalWin have managed to produce a Socket A heatsink with some serious attitude. Gone are the small fan and straight lines you'd expect from your typical little square heatsink! Instead, the WBK-38 has a curved extrusion and a high-power 6800RPM fan to give this heatsink everything it needs to be a top of the line cooler."

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Thermal Paste Showdown

posted: April 2, 2001 @ 6:07 EDT by: ryan

Iamnotageed has posted up a Thermal Paste Showdown. Quote:

"Well Artic Silver 2 claims to be the best around by cooling a tleast 2C cooler then any other paste, yet OCZ Quick Silver paste claims to be just as good. Did Artic Silver known about OCZ Quick Silver when it made that claim or is it OCZ who is wrong. Lets get on with the tests and find out."

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Kingmax PC150 Guide

posted: April 2, 2001 @ 6:06 EDT by: ryan

TweakTown has posted a Kingmax PC150 Compatibility Guide which details the compatibility of Kingmax PC150 TinyBGA memory with a wide range of chipsets for AMD and Intel processors. The guide also details the maximum FSB obtainable at CL2 and CL3 on a big list of chipsets with Kingmax's popular PC150 TinyBGA memory.

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Duron 900 Reviews

posted: April 2, 2001 @ 6:05 EDT by: ryan

Here are a bunch of Duron 900 reviews today:

CPU Review
Gamer's Deopt

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Win Free RAM!!!

posted: April 1, 2001 @ 5:52 EDT by: ryan

Iamnotageek.com is giving away some free RAM!

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Win Some Free Stuff!!

posted: April 1, 2001 @ 9:22 EDT by: ryan

Virtual Hideout, with the help of our Sponsors is having a Month-Long Contest/Giveaway! More details can be found at out Contest Page; Just to get all you guys fired up, here's a look at the top 3 prizes! You're gonna luv 'em!

1st Prize
a Lian Li PC60 Aluminium Case by PCMods.Com

2nd Prize
a Blizzard 360 Case by FrozenCPU.Com

3rd Prize
a Wind Tunnel Plus Gamer's Case by CoolerGuys.Com

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Multiplexing AT PSUs

posted: April 1, 2001 @ 9:21 EDT by: ryan

You need Major power for your new Chiller unit?, how about yer big Pelt on yer Tbird? or by chance power a small 3rd world nation? Get those old AT PSU's out and run them together! Multiplex them into some huge power monsters. Quote:

"Well, I guess its time to find a 24 volt power supply. So I hit Ebay and found one for 40.00 . I received it the following week. I threw a multi meter on it and found that the 24 volt output on it was dead. Great, just my luck. I decided that there has to be a better way to do this. The first place I looked for information on how to come about finding a 24 volt power supply was amateur radio web sites. Although they typically use high current 12 volt power supplies, I figured there would be some information on one of the sites on how to construct your own power supply. What I found was even better."

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DN: Forever Never Existed!

posted: April 1, 2001 @ 9:20 EDT by: ryan

3D Realms, a pioneer in the PC Gaming business, sent shockwaves across the industry with the announcement today that their flagship game, Duke Nukem Forever, never existed.

Errm.. april fools.

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ELSA Gloria III Review

posted: April 1, 2001 @ 9:18 EDT by: ryan

Purces3D posted up a ELSA Gloria III review with 3DMark2000 (16 and 32 bits, T&L and SSE), Q3 16 and 32 bits, on Windows 98 and 2000. And 2 benchmarks are used (Indy 3D and SpecViewPerf 6.12). This card is compared with a GeForce2 GTS ULTRA and a GeForce2 GTS PRO.

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Window Etching Guide

posted: March 31, 2001 @ 7:58 EST by: ryan

GideonTech.com has just finished a guide to adding window etching's to your case. A nice and simple way to add some extra spark to your box.

"There are numerous case mods out there with window kits. Add a
neon tube inside your case behind that window and you have yourself a nice pimpin' case to show off to your friends. But how do you
make your case stand out from the rest? Add more neon? If those
tubes are costing you too much, I would suggest slapping in some Window Etchings!

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D-Link Wireless Networking

posted: March 30, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

SystemLogic.net has done a review of the D-Link DWL-920 802.11b USB Wireless Networking Kit.

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MSI K7T ProA Review

posted: March 30, 2001 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

HardCoreWare has posted up a review of the MSI K7T ProA.

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Samsungs SD612 12x DVD

posted: March 30, 2001 @ 6:02 EST by: ryan

Iamnotageek has finsihed up their review of Samsungs SD612 12x DVD. Heres a quote:

"The absolute most important thing to do once you have physically installed your DVD-ROM is to turn on the DMA. Without DMA turned on any DVD-ROM you have will have very poor performance. I tried watching a movie with DMA turned off, even with my 1.2GHz Athlon, 256MB Ram and a GeForce2 GTS Ultra, the sound was crackly and the video occasionally paused. This is so important but I am sure there are a lot of people who have installed a DVD-ROM and do not know about this. It is so important, I am not sure why DVD-ROM makers haven't started including a disk with a simple program that turns it on."

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Unreal II Preview

posted: March 29, 2001 @ 6:39 EST by: ryan

The original Unreal was the epitome of game developers and graphics-hogs everywhere and, at the time, was the future of 3D. Now, more than two years later, the Unreal mission pack and Unreal Tournament have been released, and Unreal II is well under way! Get the skinny right here.

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Abit KT7 FAQ

posted: March 29, 2001 @ 6:39 EST by: ryan

Paul's Famous Abit KT7 FAQ is now being hosted at VIAHardware.com Paul's FAQ has been an invaluable resource to thousands of KT7 users. It is a growing document and is loaded with information on the KT7.

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Away Team Demo Out

posted: March 28, 2001 @ 8:28 EST by: ryan

FilePlanet is now mirroring the cool RTS adventure, Star Trek: Away Team, by Activision. Pick from a group of StarFleet specialists, and explore the Star Trek Universe with your team outside your vessel.

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DII: Lord of Destruction Preview

posted: March 28, 2001 @ 5:56 EST by: ryan

Fresh today on EuroGamer is a preview of the Diablo II add-on pack, Lord of Destruction, based on what they saw of the latest build during Blizzard's recent European press tour.

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1.2 GHz TBird @ 1.47GHz

posted: March 28, 2001 @ 5:55 EST by: ryan

AMD Duron and Athlon CPUs have become the darlings of the overclocking crowd. With the capability to adjust multipliers as well as (finally) front side bus speeds, AMD CPUs are the prime choice for the overclocker. The Tech Zone takes a look at a 600Mhz Duron and a 1200Mhz TBird to see just how far they will go. Is 1.47Ghz fast enough for you?

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Sony Digital Relay CD

posted: March 28, 2001 @ 5:55 EST by: ryan

NeoSeeker posted their look at Sony's Digital Relay CD External CDRW/ Potable MP3 Player.

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FrontX Ports Review

posted: March 28, 2001 @ 5:53 EST by: ryan

Today OverclockedHardware.com takes a look at FrontX Multimedia Ports, a device used to make sound and game ports more easily accessible by relocating them to the front of the computer.

"Once you screw in the FrontX into your free 5.25" bay you run the cables from the FrontX to the rear of your computer. You need a free PCI/ISA slot in the back of you system so the cables can pass through the PCI/ISA hole. You then screw the FrontX metal plate into place and plug all the FrontX connectors into the relevant sound/joystick ports. There is enough space on the bottom of the FrontX metal plate to run all the cords through."

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Blizzard Copper Heatsink

posted: March 27, 2001 @ 6:06 EST by: ryan

FrostyTech has posted up a review of the Blizzard S370-L Copper Heatsink:

"It may not immediately be obvious that the entire heatsink is slanted 5 degrees, but if you look carefully at this image it should be fairly obvious. As we said before the angling of the fan helps to reduce the effect of the dead spot which exists below the fans' motor. Considering that the fan has a motor of almost 30mm in diameter the reduction of any dead spots is a good thing. By angling the fan the heatsink also moves the leading edge of the fastest moving air closer to the center of the unit. With faster moving air closer to the hotter region of the metal the moderately powered fan works more efficiently, and the warmed air is removed more smoothly."

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Runble Headphones Review

posted: March 27, 2001 @ 6:05 EST by: ryan

Evergreen Technologies just recently released their RumbleFX headphones. BrokenPixel has reviewed the headphones.

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Neon Light Guide

posted: March 27, 2001 @ 6:04 EST by: ryan

Case Modders Australia has posted up a guide/review about neon lights.

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PC Check Review

posted: March 27, 2001 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

OverclockedCafe posted up a review of Eurosoft's PC Check diagnostic software suite. It's easy to use, very accurate, all on one disk (portable), and provides a nice set of diagnostic test options. Quote:

"I have been in the PC and Network Support industry for more years than I care to mention. When I first started out, I was installing new PC's, and servicing the ailing ones. One of the tools we used was diagnostic software. Without a good diagnostic suite, figuring out just exactly what is wrong with a flaky machine is reduced to trial and error troubleshooting. Mind you, trial and error is another powerful tool. Sometimes, however, it is nice to be able to have software tell you that a RAM chip is bad, and hence the probable source of spurious, intermittent GPF's. Or to have your diagnostic suite tell you that your hard drive has unmarked bad sectors, explaining that problem with corrupt files. When you build a machine, it is nice to be able to burn it in with solid diagnostic and stress testing, rather than wait and hope for the best."

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Sound Blaster Daughter Board

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:53 EST by: ryan

AcidHardware have just posted their review of the Hoontech Sound Blaster Daughterboard III. This card offers more digital connectivity options than ever before with your SBLive:

"Own an SBLive? Disappointed about the lack of optical output and S/PDIF outputs? Fret no more because the Hoontech SB DB III is here to solve those problems. The Hoontech SB DB III is basically a cheaper alternative to the Soundblaster Live! Optical digital I/O board. ... Hoontech offers a board sans the Midi I/O that is practically identical to the Soundblaster I/O board for a considerably lower price."

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ThermoEngine Review

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:52 EST by: ryan

Mikhailtech is kickin' off the week with yet another review, this time one of Thermosonic's most innovative cooler: the ThermoEngine. Here's a quote:

"This is the first unconventionally shaped heatsink I review. Personally it's good to do something different from the usual design that actually works! While the structural design is a well-kept secret, I can speak about what I see. There are fins on all the four sides of the square, with an aluminum core in the center. The fins are pretty thick for todays standards, about 1.5mm at the beginning (where they touch the core) and then they get thinner, about .7mm."

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Another Contest

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:50 EST by: ryan

IANAG has posted up another contest:

Here is how it works
This contest is pretty simple. Between Tuesday March 27th, and Friday March 30th, making 6 news posts on the front page, that will have a contest confirmation code. 25th person, who sends email with the confirmation code in the subject to contest@iamnotageek.com will win a prize randomly drawn from the prize pool. ONLY ONE email per confirmation code, if you send more then one you will be disqualified. A prize is then drawn from our prize pool.

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DFI AK75-EC Mobo Preview

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:49 EST by: ryan

HardwareZone has posted up a preview featuring the new DFI AK75-EC motherboard.

"The new AK75-EC comes with all the regular accessories that you'll find for most DFI motherboards, which includes a manual, an 80-conductor IDE cable, a floppy drive cable and a CD-ROM containing softwares and drivers."

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PC Remote Review

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:48 EST by: ryan

Insane Hardware has reviewed a piece of hardware that is pretty much for pure wank value (pardon my french) when added to your clusters of neon and loud fans in your computer. The Just Cooler RC-168 PC Remote is the ultimate lazy boy toy for your computer.

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GeForce 3 Preview

posted: March 26, 2001 @ 5:47 EST by: ryan

BrokenPixel has posted up a preview of Nvidia's GeForce 3.

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Epox EP-VWM2 Mobo Review

posted: March 25, 2001 @ 12:09 EST by: ryan

T-Break has just published a review of Epox's VIA Apollo ProMedia chipset based MicroATX board- the EP-VWM2. Here's a bit from the review:

"Like Intel’s 810/815 chipset, the Apollo ProMedia chipset also has graphics capabilities on-board but is based on the Trident Blade 3D core. And like the 810 chipset, it doesn’t provide any AGP slot for an external AGP graphics card. You have 1xAMR, 3xPCI and 1xISA slot for expansion which is good as it gives you the option of adding a network card, a modem and then leave you with some additional slots for any future upgrades."

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Battle For Naboo Review

posted: March 25, 2001 @ 12:08 EST by: ryan

Fresh today on EuroGamer is a quick review of Star Wars : Battle for Naboo, the new Rogue Squadron style action game from Lucas Arts and Factor 5.

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