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April 21, 2001 - April 29, 2001

Lite-On 12x10x32x Review

posted: April 29, 2001 @ 8:32 EDT by: ryan

Adrian's Rojak Pot just posted a review of the 12x10x32x Lite-On CD-Rewriter Drive with BURN-Proof Technology:

"With BURN-Proof, the Lite-On drive can boast of never suffering from the dreaded buffer under-run problem which has plagued CD burners for years now. But is BURN-Proof really what they make it out to be? Are there any issues you should be aware of before buying such a drive? Ken Ng takes you through all these and more when he examines the first BURN-Proof CD-RW drive we ever tested. Check it out! :)"

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SkyHawk Aluminium Case

posted: April 29, 2001 @ 8:31 EDT by: ryan

AcidHardware have posted their review of the SkyHawk ATX-4378C-IV Aluminium Case. The front ports were a nice addition and the card holders are useful if you move your case around a lot. As with most aluminium cases, it does not weigh a lot and is much more pleasing to the eye than regular steel cases. If you are in the market for a light, aluminium case with card holders and front ports then you may want to have a look at the SkyHawk 4378C:

"There are a few reasons why installing my parts into this case was not an enjoyable experience. The first being that the fan blowing onto the CPU and the shaft holding the card holders and the extra cooling fan had to be removed when installing the motherboard. The shaft was on a hinge so it's just a matter of unscrewing one end and folding it up when you need to add/remove parts. The hinge was extremely loose and continually fell on my arms with the slightest movement of the case. TThe second being that there are alot of sharp edges inside the case and I cut myself on numerous occasions whilst installing my hardware. If you intend on using this case make sure you have sand paper handy."

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New Gore Screenshots

posted: April 28, 2001 @ 11:57 EDT by: ryan

GameSpyDaily has a couple of screens from 4DRuler's Gore.

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VYW Contest Up

posted: April 28, 2001 @ 11:56 EDT by: ryan

VYW.net decided to give away some stuff. Here is a rip from the e-mail they sent me:

We decided that we needed to make some Void your Warranty case badges. Since we had some extra stuff lying around, we figured we'd let our readers do all the hard work and win a prize :). We are giving away a CPC 30370 heatsink from KD Computers (the same as the Swiftech MC370) that we reviewed a while back to whoever can design the best artwork for a case badge. The contest ends on May 11, 2001.

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Elsa GeForce 3 Review

posted: April 28, 2001 @ 11:55 EDT by: ryan

Overclockers Online has posted their review of Elsa's GeForce 3 card: the Gladiac 920. The Gladiac 920 is loaded with good stuff, power, coolness and more. Here is a snip:

"As you can see on the list above, the Elsa Gladiac 920 has a very impressive list of features and specs! Of course the package contains a well-written manual, a driver CD and the GF3-optimized version of the game : Giants. Isn't that lovely?! :) The Gladiac 920 features the GeForce 3 GPU from nVidia running at 200MHz and 64MB 3.8ns DDR RAM running a 460MHz effective memory clock (230MHz DDR). Have you noticed that I said the core clock of this GeForce 3 card is running at 200MHz? Doesn't the GeForce2 Ultra run a 250MHz clock? Sure it is, but that doesn't mean the GeForce 3 is slower than the GeForce 2 Ultra."

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Card Cooler XT Review

posted: April 28, 2001 @ 11:54 EDT by: ryan

Today at Maxx Overclocking there's a review up on the Card Cooler XT dual fan setup. Here's a clip:

"Two 120mm fans attached to each other with aircraft grade aluminum. Sounds mighty interesting, no? Oh, and look! The aluminum connectors are blue!"

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Win RAM, Cables & Claw!

posted: April 27, 2001 @ 10:06 EDT by: ryan

You only have two days left to enter HighSpeed PC's giveaway. Here's what's up for grabs:

First prize: Mushkin 128MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM!
Or: Two 128MB sticks of Mushkin High Perf. REV2 PC133 222
Winner's Choice!

Second Prize: The Claw! Ultimate gaming device.
Third Prize: Two ATA66/100 Round Cables

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Sohoware Wireless Network

posted: April 27, 2001 @ 4:19 EDT by: ryan

Gamer's Depot has posted up a review of Sohoware's recently released 11Mb Wireless Networking products.

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VIA KT266 Based Mobos

posted: April 27, 2001 @ 4:18 EDT by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted an article called "VIA KT266 Based Mainboards: the First Glance". They managed to take a closer look at the first mainboards based on the new Socket A chipset from VIA supporting DDR SDRAM - VIA KT266. The EPoX EP-8KHA, Gigabyte GA-7VTX and Shuttle AK32 are under the scope.

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Samsung ML-4600 Printer

posted: April 27, 2001 @ 4:17 EDT by: ryan

IANAG has posted up a review of the Samsung ML-4600 printer.

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VH Cool Case Gallery

posted: April 26, 2001 @ 3:32 EDT by: ryan

VirtualHardware added 30+ more cool case submissions for your viewing pleasure to their case gallery.

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FrontX Multimedia Port Rv.

posted: April 26, 2001 @ 3:31 EDT by: ryan

FrontX Multimedia Port review is up at PC Extremes. Here's a clip:

"The FrontX Multimedia ports are relatively new and seem to have already taken much of the market by storm. The reason behind all this is due to the ease and simplicity of being able to plug your audio, USB, serial and video ports into the front of your chassis. Being able to do all this can save a lot of time with messy tangled cables, it also gives you the added chord length of your devices allowing greater maneuverability."

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2001 Consumer E Show

posted: April 26, 2001 @ 3:30 EDT by: ryan

Acidhardware has some pictorial coverage of the 2001 Consumer Electrical Show held in Sydney's Darling Harbour:

"Asher "Acid" Moses and myself attended the Consumer Electrical Show at Sydney, Australia's Darling Harbour on the 26/04/01. It was quite interesting and a great opportunity to see the latest offerings from a whole host of companies. This show mainly encompassed DVD, MP3, digital photography/video, home/HIFI audio with a splash of PC peripherals and components for good measure. This show didn't really highlight much of the available PC hardware out there but nonetheless was great fun. There was a strong turnout from Sony, Kenwood, Panasonic, ZDNet, AtomicPC, Hercules and Siemens just to name a few."

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Leadtek Geforce 2 MX

posted: April 26, 2001 @ 3:29 EDT by: ryan

THC takes a look at the Leadtek Winfast Geforce 2 MX. Here's a snip:

"Nvidia's Geforce2 MX chipset was aimed towards the performance-user who doesn't want to spend his or her paycheck on just one graphic card. The Geforce 2 MX is certainly not your normal average video card."

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D-Link Wireless Router Review

posted: April 25, 2001 @ 7:04 EDT by: ryan

SystemLogic.net has reviewed the D-Link DI-711 Wireless Home DSL/Cable Router. If you ever wanted to split your IP address and share your internet connection over multiple computers, then here's the way to do it.

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Make Fan Adapters

posted: April 25, 2001 @ 7:03 EDT by: ryan

Since everyone loves Delta 38 performance but can't stand Delta 38 noise, VYW put together a how to for making either an 80 mm fandapter or a shroud to put 2 Gamma 28 blowers onto a Taisol heatsink. Here's the obligatory clip for copy/pasters:

"The cardboard or poster board is used to test out the design and make a prototype. There's no sense wasting good metal (and time) by cutting out a design that won't work. I used a fine-tipped Sharpie pen and a T Square to measure and draw out my design, then I simply cut it out with a pair of heavy duty scissors. The only thing to be aware of is that you have to be careful at points because the flashing has a tendency to curl up a bit. I used the T Square and my hands to bend the flashing into the correct shape. For long pieces, it is best to use your hands and start with one end and slowly and carefully bend the flashing. This will let you get a nice straight fold. You can go back with the T Square then and make it a better right angle."

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Samsung Yepp Review

posted: April 25, 2001 @ 7:02 EDT by: ryan

NeoSeeker has posted a review of the Samsung Yepp YP-NDU Portable MP3 Player. It's a stylish player with a built in FM tuner.

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NVIDIA GeForce3 Guide

posted: April 25, 2001 @ 7:01 EDT by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted an article called NVIDIA GeForce3 Guide.

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60mm to 80mm Fan Adaptor

posted: April 24, 2001 @ 7:58 EDT by: ryan

HighSpeed PC is now offering a new 60mm to 80mm fan adaptor. A great way to get more horsepower out of your heatsink! Swap out the 60mm fan for a more efficient 80mm fan. This adaptor is simple, light weight, high quality and at a price that won't empty your wallet like some other fan adaptors. From what I've heard HighspeedPC is a fairly decent place to shop ... which is good considering some of the trouble other places have been having.

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AMD 1.3GHz TBird Review

posted: April 24, 2001 @ 5:20 EDT by: ryan

Overclockers Online posted their review of the AMD 1.3GHz TBird cpu. They got an AXHA stepping and managed to get +1.4GHz out of it with regular aircooling. Snippet:

"A couple of weeks ago, AMD launched two new Athlons based on the good old Thunderbird core, the 1.30GHz and 1.33GHz Athlons. OCOnline managed to get both of these babies in the testlab and today we're bringing you a review of the "slowest" one, the 1.3GHz Athlon CPU. Hehe, "slow" ... LOLz :)"

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New ATi Radeon Drivers

posted: April 24, 2001 @ 5:18 EDT by: ryan

3DChipset.com let us know that ATi has released some new Win9x, WinME, Win2k, and WinNT4 Special Purpose drivers for the Radeon video card.

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Black & White Review

posted: April 24, 2001 @ 4:59 EDT by: ryan

Fresh today on EuroGamer is their review of Black & White.

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Yamaha TSS-1 Sound System

posted: April 24, 2001 @ 4:59 EDT by: ryan

PenStarSys posted their review of the Yamaha TSS-1 Sound System. These were nice little units that are placed squarely in the value sector of 6 piece speaker sets. Here is a quick comment:

"The decoder is perhaps the most interesting piece of the system, and Yamaha did a very nice job with the design. Being a Yamaha product, it is very simple in terms of features and adjustments. It offers 2 channel, 4 channel, and Pro-Logic modes with any input, but both Dolby Digital and DTS will only work with the digital in (provided by either the coax input or the optical input) when the appropriate signal is present from the soundcard. For this test I used the Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer with the digital out enabled (coax only, as the plain SB Live! series of cards do not have optical out). After consulting with a local audio expert, we figured that the decoder used the same chip as many of the entry level home theater receivers from Yamaha. This particular chip does not have the frequency response as many of the high end receivers that Yamaha makes, but due to the limitations of the speaker set in question, the chip is not the limiting factor."

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Win Lots of Stuff!

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 10:02 EDT by: ryan

IANAG is giving a load of stuff away.

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VRAM Adhesive Shootout

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 10:01 EDT by: ryan

The Overclocker Cafe' just finished up a review that feels like a Rocky & Bullwinkle episode. "Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive Review OR Video RAM heatsink adhesive shootout." In order to evaluate our Arctic Silver Adhesive they set up a Pepsi challenge between it and Thermal Tape to measure the temperature and memory overclocking effects of each on our GeForce2 DDR RAM.

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Samsung Voice Pen Review

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 10:00 EDT by: ryan

PcStats has posted up a review of the Samsung SVR-S820 Voice Pen. Here's a clip:

"Flash memory based recording devices have been available for some time to take up the slack of their taped brethren thankfully. The digital recordings offer higher quality for the most part, easy indexing, and instant erasure. One such entry is the Samsung Voice Pen. About the size of a large cigarette lighter, the SVR-S820 offers approx. 233min recording on SP, and 502min recording on LP settings."

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Shuttle FV24 Mobo Review

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 6:50 EDT by: ryan

ViaHardware have just posted their review of Shuttle's marvel of integration, the FV24. Making use of the PL133 chipset from VIA, the FV24 has a very impressive feature list for a tiny FlexATX board. Here's a clip:

"The FV24 is based on the second smallest form factor currently available (behind VIA's ITX), FlexATX. FlexATX actually gives a manufacturer quite a bit of leeway in their designs, and allows some truly innovative products like the FV24. Measuring in at a scant 178mm X 190mm, the board is even smaller then ASUS's miniscule POLO, which is designed around the single chip SiS630. The compact layout of the FV24 is a testament to Shuttle's layout engineers, as the components are very tightly packed."

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Cu Radiator Heatsink Review

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 6:49 EDT by: ryan

Based on the principle of a radiator (taken from water cooling ?) comes SSpring's copper version. Sorta looks like Coolermaster's Heatpipe, but this one's a lot bigger. So does the Rad live up to its expectations? MikhailTech has the answer:

"Well, let's see what it's made of. The main heat carrier is a cylinder of pure copper that starts in contact with the core and goes all the way up. You can see it coming out on the top plate. The cylinder is about 61mm long, with a diameter of 15mm and it also works as a structure for the HSF. The aluminum base around it is just there to keep the HSF on a flat position and doesn't really influence thermal performance."

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P4 1.7GHz Vs. Athlon 1.33

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 6:48 EDT by: ryan

X-bit labs has posted an article entitk=led Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz vs. AMD Athlon 1.33GHz. Today Intel announced a new Pentium 4 processor (Willamette) with 1.7GHz core frequency. Will it beat the competitor No 1 from AMD, Athlon (Thunderbird) 1.33GHz?

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VisionTek GF3 Review

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 6:47 EDT by: ryan

The VisionTek GeForce 3 is the holy grail of video cards. You want speed? You want great visual quality? This is the hands down the fastest video card we've ever tested. You want it all at a low price? That's another story. Check out our full review here at TheTechZone.

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GeForce2MX-400 Review

posted: April 23, 2001 @ 6:46 EDT by: ryan

HotHardware gives you the straight skinny on NVIDIA's GeForce2MX-400. As a "souped-up budget card", this thing is almost an oxy-moron! Or is it?

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Enermax PSU Review

posted: April 22, 2001 @ 4:39 EDT by: ryan

Resident Mod Freak Stygian at VH takes a look at the latest addition to the Enermax line of power supplies, the EG-365P-VE. Here's a snip:

"The Enermax EG-365P-VE comes packaged nicely, in that bubble wrap, to help make sure your PSU arrived unscathed. Since you're paying a premium for one of these, that's definitly a requirement! In addition, a manual (in several languages), clearly outline the specifications and outputs of the PSU. To finish it up, an AC power cord and 4-coarse threaded screws are provided. Although one shouldn't need a manual to install/use a power supply, it's nice to see one included. The trademark of the Enermax's is the dual-fan design, and Enermax has kept this in the EG-365P-VE. The rear 80mm fan is thermally-controlled, meaning it will spin faster as the temperature around it increases. The lower 92mm fan's blades are made of semi-clear (translucent?) plastic allowing visibility into the PSU. This configuration is sure to make sure that the PSU itself does not overheat. Whether the dual-fan design helps in cooling down your system depends on your configuration. A well-ventilated system is unlikely to see as large a difference in temperature than one that wasn't, before installation of the Enermax. As you can tell, the fan grilles now have a golden-colour to them, making it look 'nicer' in your system."

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a-MAZE-ing Copper Block

posted: April 22, 2001 @ 4:37 EDT by: ryan

Octools has just finished their review of DangerDen's a-MAZE-ing Copper Block.

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Toshiba DVD-RAM Review

posted: April 21, 2001 @ 6:35 EDT by: ryan

The freaks at DeezTech.com have posted a review of Toshiba's latest entry in the DVD-RAM arena, the SD-W2002 drive. With current recordable capacities of 4.7 Gigs, DVD-RAM drives are offering the one thing CDR-W drives have been lacking for a long time. Big ASS storage capacities. Here'a a quote:

"Of course, the technologically savvy people reading this article will argue that DVD-RAM is not the only record able DVD standard developed. That’s very true, standards such as DVD-R and DVD-RW have also been introduced, although DVD-RAM is the only standard that has been accepted by the DVD forum."

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GeForce2GO Win2k Drivers

posted: April 21, 2001 @ 6:33 EDT by: ryan

3DChipset.com has some exclusive GeForce2GO Windows 2000 drivers for Toshiba Satellite 2805-s402 and the newly released DELL Inspiron 8000 featuring the GeForce2GO chipset. They have 12.00, 11.01, and 10.80 in Windows 2000 fashion.

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