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August 7, 2001 - August 19, 2001

Mini Orb and Super Orb

posted: August 19, 2001 @ 5:42 EDT by: ryan

Thermaltake Mini Copper Orb and Super Orb reviews over at Virtual Hideout.

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93rd Issue of ZZZ Online

posted: August 19, 2001 @ 5:41 EDT by: ryan

The 93rd issue of ZZZ online is out. This issue includes the reports about:

- cooling by -50 degrees air stream
- valveless pulse jet engine
- freak car
- self-assembling monolayer nanolithography

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Neon Light Kit Review

posted: August 19, 2001 @ 9:23 EDT by: ryan

Casejunkiez.com have checked out the latest offering for the case modding enthusiast in the lighting department with a PC Case Gear twin neon light kit. Here's a bit of a quote:

"This doesn't mean the twin neon kit is no good. On the contrary, they're better than the original standard Neon for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is two of them. This means we can place them in two different places within the case and, thus give better, even lighting."

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Switftech MCX370-0A

posted: August 18, 2001 @ 12:40 EDT by: ryan

GideonTech.com has another reviewed the Switftech 'ribbed' MCX370-0A. Snip:

"The heatsink differs from the previous model in that each individual pin is ribbed. Labeled as a helicoid pin design, it supposedly increases the pin's surface area 2:1. That's quite a jump in surface area! A total of 188 pins are mounted onto the base, each with its own helicoid design. It is also mentioned that this new design creates micro-turbulence which causes more airflow."

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2CoolPC Plus Review

posted: August 18, 2001 @ 12:39 EDT by: ryan

The Overclocker Cafe' has just finished up reviewing the 2CoolPC Plus and Turbo System Coolers.

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VideoLogic DTS 5.1 Review

posted: August 17, 2001 @ 12:27 EDT by: ryan

Chick's Hardware have posted the a review of the VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS 5.1 speaker system. Here's a snip:

"Your looking for the loudest and most accurate speaker systems you can get for your computer system. You want Dolby Prologic, Dolby Digital 5.1 AND DTS support? Well then, why not take a look at the Videologic DigiTheatre DTS speaker system. It boasts all the features, but are they loud enough, is the sound quality any good? Are they value for money? Read on to find out."

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Aopen 12x10x32x CDRW

posted: August 17, 2001 @ 12:25 EDT by: ryan

8Balls Hardware serves up another long due review, of the Aopen CRW1232 Pro 12x10x32x CDRW drive. Here's a taster:

"Most CDRW makers also provide burnproof capable drives nowadays, with the exception of Yamaha, who only introduced their version of burnproof, named SafeBurn, with their 20x CDRW. At that time, most 12x capable drives already had burnproof, or some similar variant. Aopen had JustLink featured in its CDRW drives, basically another type of burnproof. Note that there are 3 versions of the Aopen 12x10x23x drive, one with CRW1232A model number, one with CRW1232, without the 'A', and one with the CRW1232Pro model number. The CRW1232 doesn't have JustLink, whereas the CRW1232A and CRW1232Pro has JustLink and was released shortly after the CRW1232. The difference between the two with JustLink is that the Pro supports data transfers up to ATA33 specs, while the 'A' model doesn't."

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Athlon 1.4GHz Review

posted: August 17, 2001 @ 12:23 EDT by: ryan

Overclockers Online has posted their review of AMD's fastest processor currently available: the 1.4GHz Athlon. Snip:

"If we look at the 1.4GHz counterpart, we are reading a maximum heat output of 72W! Is this a bad thing? Yes! ... Heat is something we don't want to see near a computer, as it reduces lifetime of a component. There is a rule that says the lifetime doubles every time the temperature drops 10 degrees celcius. The days that we ran our CPUs without fans or with those tiny heatsinks are definitely over!! To get rid of 72W of CPU power, good cooling is needed, and even with a high end heatsink, temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius are no exception at full load."

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Win Some Stuff!

posted: August 17, 2001 @ 12:20 EDT by: ryan

IANAG is running a contest. :)

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PlexWriter 12/10/32A Rv.

posted: August 16, 2001 @ 10:31 EDT by: ryan

MikHailTech has posted up a review of the Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32A CD-RW.

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Linksys Cable/DSL Router

posted: August 16, 2001 @ 10:29 EDT by: ryan

Overclocked Cafe takes a dive into the world of broadband with his review of the Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router. Here's a taster:

"So, you've finally got broadband. No more 300ms pings for you, baby. However, what if you want to share that speedy connection with other machines? What if you want a piece of hardware in between you and the wild, wooly Internet? Code Red have you scared? Sick of all these questions yet? Good, then you are ready to hear about the Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router. The particular flavor that I'm going to take a look at today is their BEFSR41 model, with 4 10/100 switched ethernet ports."

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Cleaning Your PC's Dust

posted: August 16, 2001 @ 10:27 EDT by: ryan

EXHardware has posted up a new guide which takes a look at cleaning up your entire PC from dust. Quote:

"Do you know that lots of dust can get stuck in your computer? It doesn't really matter where you put your computer, unless it's in a very hygenic climate-controlled lab, dust will get into your computer placing itself in the CPU heatsink fan unit, components and the power supply unit. You may think that this is a small matter but you're wrong, those tiny dust particles can increase the computer's temparature and can result in overheating, especially if you're running an overclocked system. Bear in mind that heat is a computer's worst enemy."

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Athlon MP Shim Review

posted: August 16, 2001 @ 10:26 EDT by: ryan

Got a new Athlon MP and you want to make sure it isn't damaged. You may want to check out these Athlon MP shims. For $10 you can protect your much more expensive Athlon MP from being chipped, IANAG has the reivew of a MP Shim:

"Shims are nothing new but this is the first Athlon MP shim I yet to see. It is available from the Cooler Guys. For those of you who are unfamiliar with shims they are designed to prevent your core from being damaged when installing or removing a heatsink. They do this by creating a level surface with the core, this prevents the heatsink from rocking to one side or the other and from chip away at the edges of the core."

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Kingmax PC166 Review

posted: August 15, 2001 @ 12:23 EDT by: ryan

Overclockers AU checked out the Kingmax PC166 SDRAM today.

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Satellite 31CDT Review

posted: August 15, 2001 @ 12:21 EDT by: ryan

HardwareZone put their magnifying glass to the Toshiba Satellite 31CDT notebook computer.

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Hitchcock: The Final Cut

posted: August 15, 2001 @ 12:14 EDT by: ryan

EuroGamer takes a look at another unusual action-adventure game from Arxel Tribe - Hitchcock : The Final Cut. Included is some new information about the game and fourteen screenshots.

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I'm Back

posted: August 15, 2001 @ 12:13 EDT by: ryan

Well, the reason you hadn't seen any updates for a couple of days was because I was actually in San Francisco without an internet connection, and I had nobody to cover for me. I'm back now though so updates will continue normally.

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Vantec CCK-6035D Review

posted: August 12, 2001 @ 10:00 EDT by: ryan

The heatsinks have been rolling in lately, so here's the latest of them to roll out of TweakTown. Here's a snip:

"Vantec has been making cooling products for a good while now, but their history was more grounded around making economy type heatsinks and fans. That is, of course, until they decided to capitalize on the high-powered heatsink market that came alive with the advent of the Thunderbird processors."

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Digidoc 5 Review

posted: August 12, 2001 @ 9:59 EDT by: ryan

Overclockers Online has put their review up of Macpower's Digidoc 5 unit which allows people to measure a truckload of temps, monitor voltages and control fans. Snip:

"The main device has a large LCD screen with an orange backlight (very c00l indeed!), 5 buttons on the front and a 40mm fan. The Digidoc can measure op to 8 temperatures inside your case by using external thermal sensors. On each temperature channel, you can also attach a fan to control the temperature. Because the Digidoc5 supports up to 8 channels, you can attach up to 8 fans (60mm - 120mm high performance fans) and thermal sensors! Now that are a lot of temperature readings when attach all of the sensors ;) I'd like to note that MacPower includes two types of thermal sensors in the Digidoc5 package, two flat sensors and six bulb sensors."

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Swiftech MCX-370 Review

posted: August 12, 2001 @ 9:58 EDT by: ryan

The Overclocker Cafe' has just finished up it's review of the Swiftech MCX-370. This is the replacement of the older Swiftech MC-370 heatsink.

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60mm Delta Fan Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 9:30 EDT by: ryan

VyW has been playing around with the new 51 CFM 60mm fan from Delta. Here is a quote:

"It appears that there is an exponential decay taking place here. What that means is even if you managed to find a 70 CFM 60mm fan, its performance would not be that much greater than the Delta 51 (or 38 for that matter). It appears that for the Swiftech MC370 we are approaching the limits of its performance. The bottleneck is no longer the rate heat transfers from the fins of the heatsink to the air, but instead the rate that heat moves from the CPU core to the fins of the heatsink."

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Alpha PEP66U Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 9:29 EDT by: ryan

UKGamer.net has posted their review of the Alpha PEP66U heatsink/fan. This cooler was specifically designed for slot-to-socket users in mind, who have a hard job trying to find a good heatsink/fan which doesn't take up a number of RAM slots. Here is an extract from the article:

"If you are one of the many slot-to-socket users (like myself), then you'll know how hard it is to find a good heatsink/fan which doesn't take up a couple of DIMM slots. This is where Alpha's PEP66U steps in. A cooler specifically designed for slot-to- socket users in mind, it features Alpha's trademark copper base, among it's other traits."

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Red Faction Demo

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:40 EDT by: ryan

In case you hadn't noticed the Red Faction demo is out.

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PCMods' ultrabright LED

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:37 EDT by: ryan

MikHailTech has posted up a look at the PCMods' ultrabright LED DIY rheobus kit.

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Vantec CCK-6035D Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:34 EDT by: ryan

Dreddnews has posted a review of the Vantec CCK-6035D Copper CPU Cooler. Here's a quote from the review:

"hHaving a good cooler on a hot CPU is imperative to have good overclocks, and a long CPU life. It is easiest to decide which is best for your situation by reading multiple reviews. At this point there are plenty of reviews to choose from. If you have a good cooler on your CPU, your CPU should last at least until your next upgrade. Hopefully it will still have some juice left and then you can sell it second hand to a friend :). Hopefully, the same cooler should be able to go through that upgrade with you. This is especially true with the latest coolers hitting the market in all copper "attire"(or mostly copper). One such cooler is the Vantec CCK-6035D copper CPU Heatsink and fan so very kindly supplied by HighSpeedPC. Rated for Athlons at 1.33Ghz+ and PIII Coppermines at 1.13Ghz+, this one has a good chance at lasting to that next upgrade."

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AMK CKO 5000 Case Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:32 EDT by: ryan

VirtualHideout checks out the CKO5000 Case from AMK Computers:

"This case is about 17" tall, making it average size for a mid-tower. Having 4 * 5.25" drive bays is also quite a nice feature for this mid-tower, making it possible to stagger your drives or have more room for additional drives. There's nothing exciting or ugly about the front bezel, which features the standard IDE activity LED, power LED and power and reset switches. The buttons are not hard to use, nor easy to accidentally depress. The case is quite light for its size, probably because of the thinner-gauge steel used in its manufacture. As with a lot of cases currently on the market, there is a recessed part of the side panel at the back that forms a handle to make it easier to remove the side slide-out panels. The side 80mm blowholes are expertly cut, and no sharp edges were to be found. All the fans save the lower front one are secured by self-threading screws."

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Lian-Li PC-60 Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:30 EDT by: ryan

BlargOC has posted up a short look at one of the purtiest cases we have come across, the all aluminium Lian-Li PC-60, with USB support.

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Shuttle AK31 Review

posted: August 11, 2001 @ 10:28 EDT by: ryan

PenStarSys has published their review of the excellent Shuttle AK31 Rev. 2 Motherboard:

"The board is very clean and uncluttered. The layout is excellent, but not optimal. The DIMM slots are still pretty close to the AGP slot, so larger boards will of course have to be removed to insert/remove DIMM’s properly. The CNR slot is of course useless for many users, but this does prove to be an excellent OEM board. The 6 PCI slots are very nice, as one of the first things a user will do is disable the onboard AC97 sound codec and insert a good sound card. One thing missing is the onboard 10/100 ethernet port, which the VIA VT8233 (Southbridge) supports. This would have been an excellent addition to this board, and would have cost very little to implement."

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OCZ Experimental Fans

posted: August 8, 2001 @ 7:02 EDT by: ryan

The Overclocker Cafe' just finished a short write up on some experimental fans that are due to be released to the public in the next month or so. While air volume and sound is definitely the thought and purpose of a couple of these. Two others offer quite a range of possible options due to their unusual size.

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Make A PC From a G4 Case

posted: August 8, 2001 @ 7:01 EDT by: ryan

SystemLogic.net has posted an article entitled "G4PC: Make A PC Out Of A G4 Case" The original concept was to make the case a good LAN case because of its light weight and stylish handles. This turned out to be quite a project, but they took you through with a full and detailed walkthrough of how to do it yourself.

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Labtec Pulse Speaker Rv.

posted: August 8, 2001 @ 7:00 EDT by: ryan

Void Your Warranty has just finished up a speaker review, this one being the Labtec Pulse 424's. Here is a quote:

"After listening to several different mp3s, and watching a DVD movie, I was pretty impressed with the sound quality overall. The bass that the subwoofer produced was a bit unnatural, but the quality from a system with this price tag was great. Turning the bass down on the subwoofer seemed to remedy the boominess, and even with the bass turned down the sub still produced a great amount of bass."

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Dragon Orb Review

posted: August 8, 2001 @ 6:59 EDT by: ryan

TweakTown has posted up a review of the dragon Orb. Here's a snip:

"Thermaltake has been long been making the Orb style coolers, but they have yet to produce one that works well for the serious overclocker...until now. The high performance Dragon Orb 3 is just that; High Performance. It manages to take the great looks of previous Orb coolers and mix in a healthy dose of effective cooling."

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TwinMOS PC166 Review

posted: August 8, 2001 @ 6:58 EDT by: ryan

PCStats has posted up a TwinMOS PC166 256MB SDRAM review.

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68CFM Delta Fan Review

posted: August 7, 2001 @ 10:04 EDT by: ryan

This fan has an incredible airflow rate of 68CFM. With the use of an air funnel, able to knock another 5 C off the already outstanding performance of the SK-6 using this fan. IANAG has the review.

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Samsung DVD/CDRW Rv.

posted: August 7, 2001 @ 9:55 EDT by: ryan

NeoSeeker has posted Phil's review of the Samsung SM-308 DVD/CDRW Combo drive.

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