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"As with the original there will be a slue of various multiplayer options that should keep even the most withdrawn monkeys happy

The plot thickens

Rage seems to have taken a slightly different angle on gameplay this time, Incoming Forces has two key single player modes: campaign mode, which allows the player to undertake over 21 missions across four different worlds; and a sizzling Arcade Mode, which offers no holds barred shoot-em-up action across the four different worlds in any of the game's numerous crafts, the more the player plays campaign mode more options will be available in arcade mode.

As with the original there will be a slue of various multiplayer options that should keep even the most withdrawn monkeys happy. Keeping monkeys happy is a prime concern at Speedy3D so this should be good. There are now over ten different craft to control and the ability to change craft at will. These include gunships, fighters, tanks, an escape pod, assault robots and even including a secret alien technology craft.

The engine is real-time and here is where the resource management really comes into it's own. As the game plays you can research and develop your various ships and crafts, then for added fun you can even make weapons to go with them, it helps. As for the four different worlds, they are individual with unique scenes and objects. This includes the planets Fantasy, Life, Fortress and Core.

A whole new world of a story

All four campaigns have their own dedicated story line and characters. The player assumes the roles of Recon Officers, Undercover Agent, Infantry and Combat pilots. All play themselves out as you progress from world to world and to add extra depth troops have been added to give the feeling of large-scale battles, something that is often very difficult to do.

To add to the depth you will be able to issue orders to your troops and from time to time the game will play itself out with the use of scripted story sequences using the games own engine. Music has been given a lift with a deep orchestral track to simulate the feeling of war on a grand scale and secret sub missions will often come into play in the form of defending a space station etc.

DirectX7, 32Bit Texture and Rendering, Environmental Bump Mapping and most likely T&L support will all make it into the final version for those eye candy lovers out there. Watch for our interview with RageUK very shortly on this subject and the game itself.

Developer - Rage Software (UK)
Publisher - Rage Software (UK)
Website - http://www.rage.co.uk
Release Date - Q1-2000

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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