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"We are creating a completely new soundtrack with tracks that fit the theme of the levels they are heard in"


Have you considered making some musical tracks in StarWars style, but not the same [legal issues fly over my head] to accompany the gaming experience? Despite size being a problem, I do remember somebody developing a way for Q2 to play MP3 files which obviously saves a lot of space.

We are creating a completely new soundtrack (an example of which is available on our downloads page) with tracks that fit the theme of the levels they are heard in. Our musical composer has done an excellent job of capturing the Star Wars feel in his original music; I have been extremely pleased with the results in this area. As for the technical issues, we plan to distribute the files in a .mp3 format to save on download size, and then locally convert them into .wav files. While this results in a fair-sized hit to the hard drive, we didn't want to force those using older machines to take the performance hit that .mp3 decoding would cause.


In the maps for SWTC, are there any that stand out from the crowd as truly spectacular, and if so then why?

Well, we like to think of the whole project as being "spectacular", but if I had to pin it down to one level, I'd have to say the Jedi Academy. We had some fairly specific ideas in mind for this level when we started, and ViolentBlue and Asylem Escapee have managed to create something that not only brings those visions to life, but really captures the "feel" that we were trying to empart. Plus, the level just looks good, with 80% of it being in a very large outdoor area. Being that this is the first level in the TC, I think that it will really capture the player's attention and show them what they can expect from SWQ.


SWTC is extremely promising and many of us look forward to reviewing it, do you truly believe it will be unique or pass as just another TC that was good but nothing overly special?

I think SWQ will definitely earn a place as being something that's different. While as a team we sometimes lose the feel for the project in the long and sometimes repetitive hours of work, showing off the project to someone who's never seen it before and watching that "wow, cool" look creep across their face is a sign that we're doing something right. We've included a lot of new features that haven't really been seen before, and I think that these combine to create a gaming experience that truly is memorable.

And if nothing else, it's Star Wars.


Well there you have it Star-Wars TC is an extremely ambitious project, whether or not it will actually pull it off remains to be seen although from my beta testing it shows promise.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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